Report :- Observing 53 Violation Cases against Media Freedom  during the First  Half  of  2018

Report :- Observing 53 Violation Cases against Media Freedom during the First Half of 2018

The Observatory of Media Freedom affiliating to the Center of the Studies and Economic Media announced that there is a number of 53 violation cases committed against media freedom during the first half of the year 2018. Those violations (varying in severity between killing, causing injuries, abduction, assault, threat and targeting media institutions) have heavily affected the media staff and media institutions.
The report has pointed to the continuous status of the declining media freedom in Yemen where eight journalists were killed during the first half of 2018; consequently Yemen has been included in the Black List of the media freedom violators, in spite of having a reasonable margin in media freedom at least before the current war.
The report has stated that the media scene in Yemen is burdened with repression and violations where the solidarity with victims has been weakened and the culprits feel they are far away from justice or punishment.
Within this highly dangerous environment towards the journalists, the Observatory of Media Freedoms has observed (53) violations against media freedoms during the first half of 2018, scaling in severity from killing, injury, abduction, torturing, arresting to burning the media institutions’ buildings, most notably the killing of (8) journalists in Taiz city, Hodeida and Al-Bayda.
The Houthi group (Ansar Allah ) is still located at the top of the violations list against journalists by (27) cases of the recorded cases; while there are (14) violations committed by parties related to the Yemeni government, other (7) violations were registered against unknown. Moreover, there are (3) violations committed by the Forces of the Arab alliance led by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and finally (2) violations committed by influential persons.
The Houthi group refuses to release (14) journalists some of them were detained for more than three years. In return, violations against media freedoms continues also in areas controlled by the internationally-recognized Yemeni government.
The violations were distributed during the first half of this year as (8) cases of killing, (5) cases of killing attempts, (6) cases of injuries, (5) cases of abduction, (6) cases of assault, (7) cases of arrest, (1) case of attacking attempt, (3) cases of threat, (5) cases of attacking and looting the media staff houses, (1) case of incitement, in addition to (6) cases violation against media institutions, ascending from breaking, burning and direct targeting.
The report Monitored during the first half of this year (12) cases of violation in Aden city, (12) cases in Taiz city, (10) cases in Hodeida, (9) cases in Sana’a, (4) cases in Al-Bayda, and one case in Al-Jawf, Hadramout, Al-Dalie, Lahj, Mareb and Ibb each.
The Observatory of Media Freedoms renewed its call on all conflicting parties in Yemen to avoid targeting the journalists and the social media activists, and insisted on making the violation perpetrators accountable for the violations and a crimes which are not forfeited.
The (13) Journalist still have been in the Houthi group’s prisons for the third year as it refuses to release them, they are: Abdulkhleq Amran, Tawfeeq Al-Mansuri, Hareth Hameed, Hesham Tormoom, Hesham Al-Yousofi, Akram Al-Waleedi, Esam Balgahith, Hasan Annab, Haitham Al-Shehab in addition to the journalist Waheed Al-Sofi who was kidnapped on April 2015, and the journalist Salah Al-Kaidi, Nadir al-Salahi and Ammar Al-Ahmadi.
Al-Qaeda group arrested in Hadramout city the Journalist Mohammed Al-Maqri and still refuses to release him.

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