Media Freedom Observatory: 18 Violation in Two Month

Media Freedom Observatory: 18 Violation in Two Month

The Media Freedoms Observatory reported 18 violations against media freedoms in Yemen during January and February 2018 targeted journalists and media institutions. The violations includes murder, injury, kidnapping, assault, threats and targeting media organizations.

The report confirms the continuing violations against journalists and media institutions in all regions of Yemen, pointing out the increasing of violations in areas controlled by the legitimate government in recent times.

The SEMC-affiliated Media Freedom Observatory in Yemen monitored (18) violation cases in various parts of the country, including two killings by the Houthi militia in Taiz, and one killing in a Saudi-led Coalition airstrike in Hodeida Governorate.

The report provides brief accounts of (18) violations of media freedom in Yemen, in which journalists and social media activists were targeted in January and February. Violations included 3 killings, 3 injury cases, 1 kidnapping, 4 assaults, threats and interrogation, 1 house looting, 1 incitement, and 1 attempted assault , also the Supreme Security Committee in Taiz closed the office of Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel in the governorate and prevented al-Jazeera team from practicing their job on the pretext of inciting discord in the national front. The headquarters of the Aden 24 newspaper was also raided and looted. Unidentified gunmen targeted the headquarters of al-Yawm al-Thamin newspaper, showering it with bullets. An RPG projectile was fired by unidentified assailants at the Bandar Aden Radio tower

The report explain that the Houthi militia tops the list of perpetrators of abuses of press freedom, carrying out 7 violations. The legitimate government was responsible for 4 violations, whereas 1 violation was perpetrated by the Saudi-led Coalition. Moreover, 4 violations were carried out by unidentified assailants. The Criminal Investigation police controlled by the Transitional Council in Aden was responsible for a single case. A news website was involved in a violation incident by launching an incitement campaign against journalist Abdulaziz al-Majidi.

The report said that the Violations took place in different parts of the country. They were distributed as follows: 7 cases in Taiz, 6 in Aden, 2 in Sana’a and 1 in each of Hadramout, Al Jawf and Hodeida>

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