Media Freedom Monitoring and media landscape studies -From 1/11/2016 Until 30/4/2018

Project Goals:
    1.9 brief reports on the media landscape to be published bi-monthly.
    2.A comprehensive media landscape study will be issued at the end of 2017 of the project.
    3.Monitoring violations of free expression and media freedom
    4. Establishment of an electronic platform
    5. The project team will work in collaboration

Project of Boosting the Role of the Private Sector in Post-Conflict Phase (YEMEN).- From 1/11/2016 Until 30/4/2018

Project Goals:
    This project will facilitate the involvement of the private sector in advancing the progress of the peace process by advocating on behalf of private enterprises in Yemen. In so doing, SEMC will
    (1) engender private Yemeni entities to repatriate and contribute to the development of the country by
    (a) addressing social confidence in the role and importance of the private sector and
    (b) engaging government and international institutions to partner alongside private enterprises to collectively contribute to rebuilding the Yemeni economy throughout the post-war period.