Yemeni Economic Forum - Overview
    The Yemeni Economic Forum was established by the Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC) in partnership with the international private enterprise center as well as Yemeni business club as an economic platform to disseminate information on the economic and humanitarian situation in Yemen with a view to enabling decision makers to make economic decisions based on realistic data. The forum shall also serve as a facade for the economic reform team comprising leaders of Yemen's private sector, which would work towards supporting and advocating for economic visions that boost economic growth in Yemen.
Yemeni Economic Forum - Objectives
    - Monitoring Yemen's economic and humanitarian indicators and circulating same to enable decision makers make well
    - informed decisions.
    - Supporting and advocating for economic visions and strategies laid down by the economic reform team in such a way that improves the economic situation in Yemen.
    - Supporting and advocating economic reforms and visions in a manner that bolsters economic growth and development in Yemen.
    - Creating integrated relationship between businessmen and media persons by supporting and upgrading financial/economic journalism.
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Yemeni Economic Forum