Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC)

Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC) is the first civil society organization in Yemen specialized in studies and media matters that are related to economic matters.


Creating a transparent and successful economic system.


Spreading awareness on economic issues along strengthening of transparency and citizens ' participation in policy-making, in addition to finding a professional economic journalism.


  • Rehabilitation and awareness raising on economic and development issues

  • promoting transparency, good governance and citizen participation in decision-making

  • creating a free and professional media

  • Economic Empowerment for you women and youth

  • working to reduce Conflict’s impact on development


SEMC works via the following specialized units:

    1. Media Awareness Unit: Works to reinforce the development of social and economic rights via electronic media, radio and T.V channels.
    2. Economic Research and Evaluation Unit: This unit specializes in preparing objective reports on different economic issues along with evaluating economic knowledge, opinions and trends of different experts.
    3. Training Unit: The center possesses a well trained economic and media team, who periodically implement various courses in economic and media fields, in addition to other fields.
    4. Documentation and Media Campaigns Units: Focuses on documentation, conference arrangements, and other relevant activities to those of interest.
    5. Transparency and Good Quality Judgments Unit: Works on improving capabilities on how to manage enterprises, along with executable monitoring in the field of policy-making.
    6. Financial Market Unit: Works on finding a proper environment and via preparing plans and programs putting through fully comprehensible methods on the aim to form a suitable financial market.


Studies and Economic Media Center  Yemen Republic ,Taiz , AlDahee Area

T: 00967-4- 249306  OR +20128669293

Mobile:  +967 736500078


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