Enhancing Yemen’s Efforts to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing -From 1/7/2010 to 30/7/2011

The Objective of the Action:
    - Train parliament members and concerned parliament committees on the supervisory role of parliament over the government’s implementation and enforcement of the newly passed Anti-Money Laundering and Terror Financing (AMLTF) Law.
    - Train key officers from banks, public money courts, legal experts, and law enforcement on the new AMLTF law; what constitutes corruption, money laundering, and terror financing; anti-money laundering rules; and how to ensure that no such offences are committed.
Results of the Action:
    Yemen’s measures to prevent, detect, and prosecute money laundering and terrorist financing are strengthened.

Supporting Democratic Reform through Private Sector Advocacy phase 3 - From October 1, 2015 To August 31, 2016

Objective of the project :-
    • Empower the private sector and civil society to improve the economic policies that will contribute to the democratic transformation in Yemen;
    • Develop economic policies and procedures to improve investment environment in the country;
    • Develop strategic vision on the private sector, civil society and government institutions partnership in Yemen,.
     The economic reform team has become the most important umbrella for Yemen's private sector as well as the agency usually invited by the UN and any other international outfits to any private sector-related discussions.
     Trust in, and credibility of the private sector has gained momentum, as it acted as an independent party that contributed to the delivery of humanitarian assistance during the war.
     Approving the requirements of the private sector's involvement in the rebuilding process.4
     The team played a major role in transporting local banks' foreign currencies, including the US Dollar and the Saudi riyal, abroad and depositing same in foreign bank accounts. For example, SR 300 million were moved out of Yemen and then deposited in foreign bank accounts. Efforts in this regard were focused on communicating with the Yemeni government in order to make this step a success in such a way as to further stabilize the Yemeni currency against foreign currencies.
     Reducing risks to business firms and factories. Indeed, the team liaised with the Yemeni government and the Arab Coalition's leadership to pressure them not to target business installations, as step that actually resulted in reducing the number of economic firms being targeted.

Working women's rights in Yemeni Institutions-from 1/2/2010 to 30/6/2010

  • promote a culture of working women's rights for 3000 working woman in 30 institution directly, and hundred thousands of the workers in different sectors of government, private and organizations.
  • Raise awareness of working women's rights in the leaderships and the employees of the Yemeni institutions.
  • Increase the publication's level about the working woman's rights in different media means through 40 activists in society.
  • form a network for our trainees, (journalists, lawyers and civil society's activists and members of the targeted institutions) to defend of working women's rights.
  • Rehabilitation of 40 activists on the skills of advocacy's campaigns for the rights of the working woman.
  • Results of the Action:
      • giving more than 3 thousands Yemeni women workers idea about their legal rights through distribution the rights' posters in 30 institutions that has 100 woman workers among its staff (as an average in all the targeted institutions).
      • Announcing of the Network of advocates of working women rights, which will consists of 40 female workers in the targeted institutions, journalists, lawyers and civil society's activists to defend about working woman's rights.
      • Establishing a special window in SEMC's site to receive the complaints about the violations of working women rights, and deliver them to the competent authorities and public opinion.
      • Network of advocates of working women rights will work voluntarily to support the working women who will incurrence to any violations in her rights.
      • Preparing a legal guide about working women's rights, and send it by emails to human rights' organizations, and the trainers of human rights and the targeted institutions.

    The Voices of Youth & Women -from 1/2/2010 to 30/6/2010

      • Enabling youth and women to communicate effectively with their representatives at the 10 governorates' local councils.
      • Enabling 25 local council members to monitor and notice needs and priorities of youth and women and integrate them into governorates' plans.
      • Improve some effective mechanisms to monitor youth and women needs at the targeted directorates.
      • Raise the level of youth and women awareness in the issue of decision-making contribution at the targeted governorates.
      • Improve the efficiency, response and effectiveness of local councils members at the targeted 4 areas.
      • Encouraging local media to adopt youth and women needs and priorities, and disseminate them
      • Establishment of 5 centers supporting youth and women to reach for their priorities and social and economic rights.
      • Enabling 250 local council members to practice effective monitory and planning roles under decentralization; through 10 workshops.
      • Enabling 800 young men and women to communicate effectively with local councils for the inclusion of their future priorities into local plans.
      • Success of hearing sessions in solving urgent problems faced by youth, women and citizens in general, in addition to setting a cooperative frame among local councils and CSOs with regard to serving youth and women.
      • Creating media attention of youth and women priorities and needs at different directorates, and having effective communication among youth and women, local councils and CSOs.

    Advocacy the Right to Access Information Law- from September 2011 to September 2012

      • Make Pressure on Law-makers to issue the Access to Information law.
      • Educating the leaders and officers of the anti corruption insinuations and education , health, judges and police institutions on the importance of announcing the information.
      • Rising the awareness of the importance of access to information for women.
      • Issuing the Right to Access to Information Law.
      • Producing two movies on the importance of the right to access to information.
      • Producing eight cartoons flashes advertising the access to information right.
      • One thousand of the leaders and officers of the anti-corruption institutions and education, health and legal institutions has gained a knowledge on the importance of the announcing information.
      • More than 150000 citizens gained a knowledge on the importance of the right to access information through podcasting movies and brochures on websites and TV chandelles.

    Strengthening the voice of the private Sector in Yemen phase 1- From 15 August,2012 To 16 June 2013

    Objective of the project :-
      • To build consensus and strengthen the voice of the private sector on economic reform issues in Yemen.
    Main Results of the Project :-
      • The formulation of Economic Reform team (ERTF ) from business leaders from the entire Yemen , this team became the representative of the private sector in Yemen and participated in all government’s meetings to formulate policies and plans
      • The foundation of the private sector’s vision of development which was incorporated in the in the transitional government’s plan 2012/2014

    Promoting the International Anticorruption Day December 9th -From 29/12/2013 To 30/12/2013

      “a seminar included definition of the International Convention against Corruption, and the extent of Yemen's commitment to the International Convention against Corruption”. The idea of the project is to highlight the International Anti-Corruption Day 2013 among all parties concerned, decision-makers and institutions involved in the fight against corruption, civil society organizations, Youth and Women media.
    Objectives of the action:
      - Enhancing the role of Government in practicing the International Anti-Corruption Convention.
      - Educating of the International Convention for fighting Corruption.
      - Revealing the deficiencies in Yemen legislations and discrepancy with International Convention for fighting Corruption.
    Results of the action:
      - Participants Significantly increased their level of knowledge about the International Anti-Corruption Convention.
      - Revealing the aspects of government's failure to implement the International Anti-corruption Convention.
      - Commemorate the International Anti-Corruption Day.

    Supporting Democratic Reform through Private Sector Advocacy-From November 15, 2013 To February 28, 2015

    Objective of the project :-
      • Empower the private sector and civil society to improve the economic policies that will contribute to the democratic transformation in Yemen;
      • Develop economic policies and procedures to improve investment environment in the country;
      • Develop strategic vision on the private sector, civil society and government institutions partnership in Yemen,.
    Main Results of the Project :-
      • The preparation of economical and institutional Reform Matrix and submit it to the government
      • The adoption of the constitution drafting committee the constitutional principles in the economic side submitted by economic Reform Team (private sector , civil Society and Experts )
      • Preparing a draft law for the partnership between government , private sector and civil society . this law was submitted to the parliament and it’s under discussion by the concerned committee in the parliament

    Improving the Skills of the Members of Prosecutions and Courts of Public Money. Phase 1 and 2 -From 1/4/2014 To 30/12/2014

    Objective of the project :-
      • Identifying the Legislative and administrative obstacles to verdict the public fund cases
      • Advocate the Matrix of Legislative and administrative obstacles to verdict the public fund cases
    Main Results of the Project :-
      • Preparing the Matrix of Legislative and administrative obstacles to verdict the public fund cases .
      • The adoption of the matrix by the national dialogue conference

    Improving independent Media in yemen-From 1 june,2013 to 30 May ,2014

    Objective of the project :-
      • Capacity building for independent media means in the target governorate
    Main Results of the Project :-
      • Capacity building for more than 200 independent journalists

    The Team – Phase 2 -From 1/2/2014 to 30/7/2014

      1. Rehabilitate & develop the capacity of 60 facilitators of male and female on program producing that promotes the language of tolerance and understanding in the community.
      2. writing a scenario for a Yemeni TV series which addresses the problem of conflicts, citizenship and gender equality by setting up 18 seminars in nine Yemeni provinces.
    Outcomes of the project:
      1. writing a scenario for a local TV series that handles conflicts, slavery and equals between gender. It will be broadcasting on official Yemeni channel.
      2. 41 participants will be rehabilitated on facilitation skills and management seminars.

    Yemen’s Economic Vision - Regional Economic Assessment-From February 10, 2013 To June 31, 2013

    Objective of the project :-
      • Conduct a Regional Economic Assessment
    Main Results of the Project :-
      • Preparing the Yemen Economic Vision 2030 in cooperation with the ministry of trade and industry this vision suggested the division of Yemen to 5 Economic Regions .
      • This vision has been submitted the Region Defining Committee with analyzes of weaknesses and strengths and the opportunities and challenges for the suggested five economic region
      • The federal system was adopted for yemen and 6 regions were declared by The Region Defining Committee and government

    Enhancing Fiscal Decentralization -From 01/08/2013 Until 30/09/2014

    Objectives :-
      • SEMC mobilizes key stakeholders on the issue of fiscal decentralization.
      • SEMC engages the government to implement fiscal decentralization.
    Results :-
      • 25 journalists/ media personnel are well educated about FD
      • Issuing a complete and integrated vision draft on FD that includes many constitutional principles, and this draft has been submitted to the CDC (Constitution Drafting Committee) on the aim of its inclusion in the new Yemeni constitution

    Empowering Citizen Journalism in Yemen-from 01/5/2014 to30/8/2014

      1. Improve & enhance media coverage among southern governorates on social, political and human rights issues through improving the capacity and skills of the local citizen journalist
      2. Enable 25 journalists from writing articles and news as well as the use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
      3. Writing 20 articles about social, political and human rights issues.

    Observers Alliance to Monitor Implementing NDC Outcomes - From 15/06/2014 Until 15/10/2014

    • 1) Formation of “Observers Alliance”
    • 2) Creation of the project’s Monitoring Unit
    • 3) Holding 4 Press conferences
    • 4) Producing 1000 booklets
      1) Alliance formed and functioned effectively
      2) Monitoring Unit created and produced 4 monitory reports that were published during 4 influential press conferences
      3) Production of 1000 booklet that includes the final monitory report of the Alliance
      4) Mobilizing / pushing the “National Authority to Monitor Implementing NDC Outcomes” towards action, as it was formed on April 2014, and had it first meeting ever (11th of August) only after the Alliance 1st press conference on the 6th of August that had very heavy criticism towards the Authority and other official bodies like the Presidency.

    Project of Taxation and Taxes in Yemen Study -From 1/10/2015 Until 30/12/2015

      1. Conducting study of Tax system in Yemen
      1. study diagnose tax system in Yemen, its modalities and its capability to attain tax justice, in addition to setting out policies meant for tax reforms, and boosting transparency and tax revenue fairness in such a way as to improve public services.

    Media Mapping Project-From 1/02/2016 Until 30/2/2016

      2. Journalists’ needs survey
      3. Media Mapping report 2015 - Yemen
      1. Media map was issued and published 2. Journalists’ needs survey

    Safety & Security training for Journalists - From 1/06/2016 Until 30/6/2016

      Building the capacities of 10 Yemeni journalists reporting in Taiz on physical safety, first aid, digital safety and preparation of safety plan
      10 Yemeni journalists are aware of professional safety skills

    Rasd Project - From 8/04/2016 Until 30/9/2016

      - Issuing reports on the socio-economic reality in Yemen and providing this data to the bodies and public organizations in Yemen Outcomes
      - Significant website with distinctive design and in both Arabic & English.
      - Issuing eight reports highlighted the economic and humanitarian issues ,violations of the private sector, and monitoring the prices of the basic commodities
      - Creating pages for the website in social media.
      - Updating the website with most prominent economic topics.
      - Creating an interactive map to monitor the prices of basic commodities and weekly updating. This map helps the concern personnel in monitoring the change in prices of basic commodities in the targeted governorate.
      - The site became a source of the economic development in Yemen due to the uploaded data in a daily basis and shared the ER team page in the whatsapp