In A New Report issued by SEMC: More than 50 % of Yemeni TV channels broadcasting from outside Yemen.

In A New Report issued by SEMC: More than 50 % of Yemeni TV channels broadcasting from outside Yemen.

A survey issued by Studies & Economic Media Center (SEMC) showed that media freedom in Yemen  has witnessed a major setback since Houthis takeover the capital Sana’a at the end of 2014 and attached a number of media outlets and subsequent violations in which all parties involved.

The study findings showed that 20 media outlets reopen after closing and 15 media outlets have been suspended since the end of 2014.

The study recorded   22  official and private TV satellite channels were on the air as of the end of 2017. 14 channels broadcast from abroad and only 8 TV channels broadcasting from Yemen and those the governmental TV channels controlled by Houthis.

Mr. Mustafa Nasr . SEMC chairman, stated that this is the second study Issued by SEMC and   focus on the media landscape in Yemen. The study  aims to determine the extent of impact of the war on  media outlets and compare between the current situation of media outlets and before the year 2014.

Mr, Nasr added that Since the end of 2014, the Yemeni media has witnessed wide fluctuations in the media, and a large number of the visual, print and audio media outlets have been closed.

The study findings showed that 258 active media outlets in Yemen as of the end of 2017.  News websites constitute 68% of the total number of active media.  Local radio stations represent 14%, while newspapers and TV satellite channels constitute 8% each.

The study recorded 37 local radio stations that are currently broadcasting, 9 of which are owned by public authorities and 28 are privately owned and 5 stations went off the air following the outbreak of the war in Yemen in 2014, but have resumed broadcasting recently. On the other hand, 21 new stations have been established after September 2014.  Radio stations are distributed in 8 Yemeni governorates. The majority of those stations are located in Sana’a and Hadhramout, which claim 35% each of the local radio broadcasts. The remaining 30% of radio stations are distributed in 6 governorates; namely, Taiz, Ibb, Al-Jouf, Marib, Hodeida, and Aden.


The study findings showed that news websites the more established outlets after the events of September 2014 , in which 177 news websites was established , 34% of them were launched during the last three years, and 37% of the news websites are blocked by the Houthis authorities.

The newspapers and magazines was more affected in the areas controlled by Houthis, in which 13 Yemeni newspapers and magazines have been suspended since the Houthi , while the print media was rebound in Aden and Marib.

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