Under the Slogan “Together against the Mosquito”: Dengue Awareness-raising Campaign Launched in Taiz

An awareness-raising campaign on dengue is launched by SEMC in a number of Taiz schools. The campaign aims at raising awareness among school students on ways the dangers of dengue and methods of prevention.
Under the slogan “Together against the mosquito,” the campaign was launched at Seena Girls School. In cooperation with the school administration, SEMC launched a campaign to remove the mosquito-infested hosting environments in school backyards. water pools, waste and weeds which constitute a friendly environment to the mosquito were removed. In addition, the morning pre-class program was also dedicated to raising student awareness of dengue and methods of protection.
SEMC director, Mustafa Nasr, said, “We aim to encourage students to challenge infection and eliminate its causes.” He points outs that dengue is one of the challenges that have contributed to depriving children from education, due to actual infection or due to family intervention for fear of infection.
Nasr stated that the primary goal of the campaign is to encourage students to get involved in voluntary campaigns at their neighborhoods to eliminate all the causes of dengue outbreaks.

For her part, school principal, Wafa’ Al-Soufi, said, “We would like to thank SEMC for this humanitarian initiative which aims at educating our students about the dangers of this epidemic, which spreads in the city and took many lives, and was rampant among school students in particular.”
Al-Soufi called on all organizations working in the field of public awareness, to follow the example of SEMC in conducting field activities to combat the epidemic, rather than restricting their activities to posters and slogans only.

Dengue outbreaks have occurred in Taiz a few years, causing 15 deaths. More than 1,000 cases were reported in August and September, according to Taiz Health Office