Local Development Committee Training Workshop Concluded

“This is the first training workshop on strategic development where I had the chance to conduct field visits to various sites in Al-Qahira district. We are ready to contribute to development in our district. I am eager more than ever before to volunteer in the Local Development Committee to contribute to district recovery”. Naseem Saleh said at the closing session of the workshop on strategic development and advocacy.

The workshop, which targeted 25 young activists in Al-Qahira district in Taiz governorate, was concluded. The 6-day workshop aimed at building the capacity of members of the Local Development Committee in Al-Qahira district on strategic development and advocacy.

Al-Qahira district Local Council chief, Abdul-kareem, said, “We welcome such initiatives as this one, which seek to restore things to normal. Based on our conviction that engagement of various stakeholders is a prerequisite of development, we welcome partnership with the private sector and CSOs.

SEMC CEO, Mohammed Ismail, stated that the workshop is part of a program which aims at creating and building the capacities of local development committees. The program covers four districts; Al-Qahira and Al-Ma’afer in Taiz, and Saira and Dar Sa’ad in Aden governorate.

Ismail added that the program seeks to enhance community engagement through the local development committees which will prepare and advocate emergency response plans in partnership with the local authorities.

Director of Social Affairs and Labor office in Taiz, Abdu Ali, underscored the pivotal role of the youth in recovery efforts in the district, and stated that the office will provide all possible support and facilities to contribute to success of the program.

Yasser Al-Mulaiki, a trainee, commented, “I am glad I was selected as a member of the Al-Qahira district local development committee. We’ve acquired several strategic development and advocacy tools. We can now determine the needs, analyze problems, and develop a strategic plan.”

The sixth day of the workshop was dedicated to field visits to various sites in the district, where participants determined the urgent needs in addition to analyzing the environment using the tools they acquired during the workshop.

Trainer Nabil Al-Hakeemi stated that trainees have been equipped with the skills required to conduct surveys to analyze the status quo, determine problems and priorities, and prepare development plans.”

The program targets 100 young activists in four districts in Taiz and Aden governorates. It also covers creating community forums under the theme “towards community engagement and development”. These forums will enable local communities to report their problems and needs, and to provide positive inputs to solve those problems. The local development committees will implement local emergency response initiatives.

Local development committee members were selected according to transparent criteria, including advertisements, experience, and competitiveness criteria, particularly willingness to get involved in community work.

SEMC is a non-profit civil society organization advocating a successful and transparent Yemeni economy. It seeks to raise awareness of economic issues, promote transparency, good governance, citizen participation in decision-making, and free and professional media, as well as economic empowerment of youth and women.