SEMC and CFI Train Yemeni Journalists to Report Human Interest Stories

Aden- 28 Febreury:- The Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC) in cooperation with CFI concluded on Wednesday in Aden a training session for ten Yemeni journalists on writing human interest stories.

The four-day workshop aims to build the capacities of ten male and female journalists representing different media organizations on writing human interest stories in order to cover the events of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

The Executive Manager of SEMC Mr. Mohammed Ismail said during the conclusion session that this is the second workshop to be held in Aden. The first workshop took place last January with support from the French Organization for Media Support (CFI); he added.

Mr. Ismail indicated that the workshop is part of a wider program to build the capacities of 60 journalists from Taiz and Aden on writing human interest stories in a professional manner. He added that the trained journalists will become a part of Yemen’s humanitarian journalism network that report on the suffering of Yemeni people through developing various human interest stories.

“It was an important training session for journalists,” said journalist Haidar Al-Kazimi who participated in the training. He added, “the training provided us with important tips and techniques on how to write human interest stories; starting from the planning phase to writing the story in a special style.” Mr. Kazimi went on saying “we will work during the coming days to practice what learned from the workshop through developing human interest stories from the field and distributing it to different local and international media outlets.

“We learned the skills of writing human interest stories which is new to us; said one of the participants Ms. Rayhanah Bahassan.

The project has targeted 30 journalists from Taiz and Aden so far. The trainees will work on developing humanitarian stories to cover Yemen’s forgettable humanitarian crisis.