SEMC: release Yemen Economic Indicators report

Studies & Economic Media Center(SEMC) issued  Yemen Economic Indicators report  February 2019, the report included the most important economic indicators related to prices of commodities and oil derivatives and the most important economic events in Yemen.

The report included a comprehensive analysis of the developments Central bank of Yemen in Aden related to exchange premium Scandal and its negative effects on the bank and the banking sector and violations committed by the Houthi group in Sana’a towards local banks and the impact on the activity of banks and the Yemeni economy.

The report includes the details of the state budget for 2019, which was adopted by the Yemeni government recently and included indicators on the humanitarian situation and basic services provided to citizens.

The report issued by SEMC in its Arabic and English versions contains the most important economic developments during the month as well as the most important activities and transfers related to the private sector in Yemen.

SEMC is one of the most prominent Yemeni NGOs that works on, and spreads awareness of economic issues, in addition to buttressing good governance and public engagement in decision making, and working towards the creation of professional media

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