Conclusion of the media capacity-building training about women’s issues in Yemen

Conclusion of the media capacity-building training about women’s issues in Yemen

SEMC has concluded the training program “Building the Capacity of Women and male Journalists in Media and Advocacy on Gender Equality and women rights,” held last September in Taiz and Aden.

Twenty-eight journalists from the governorates of Aden, Sana’a, Hadhrmout, Taiz and Hodeida participated in the program. They received intensive training in both Aden and Taiz for 72 hours (in each governorate), with three workshops about editing, newspaper writing, advocacy for women’s issues, occupational safety and digital security.

Through its output, the program aims to highlight women’s issues in Yemen, defend their constitutionally guaranteed rights, and place women’s issues at the forefront of the media at all levels.

In addition, this training program is being implemented under the second phase of the “Makanati” project aiming to promote women’s presence in the Yemeni media in partnership with the French Agency for Media Development (CFI) and with the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Europe.

SEMC Project Coordinator Haifa Mohammed confirmed that 28 journalists could handle, address and advocate women’s issues according to a clear and specific methodology, having conducted three workshops focused on two batches of 12 journalists from Taiz and Al-Hodeida in Taiz, 16 journalists from Aden, Sana’a and Hadhrmout in Aden.

Also, she has added: “We rely a great deal on women and men journalists who participated in the training during the first and second stages, to advocate women’s issues in media and gender equality both through their media content production and through the institutions with which they collaborate and work”.

Makanati project aims also to enhance the presence of women in Yemeni media landscape by building the capacity of women journalists in media and advocacy on gender equality and women’s rights.

It is noteworthy that SEMC is a non-profit civil society organization promoting a successful and transparent economic system through training and raising the citizens’ awareness of economic issues, and enhancing transparency and citizen participation in decision-making. It promotes professional media and economic empowerment of youth and women and enhancing their role in peacebuilding.