Economic Reform Team releases policy paper on alleviation of Yemeni Crisis

The Economic Reform Team, representing the Yemeni private sector, has released a policy paper on the mitigation of the Yemeni humanitarian by undertaking partnership projects involving the government and the private sector.

The paper included a set of proposals and recommendations that contribute to the consolidation of partnership between the government and the private sector in order to alleviate the country’s humanitarian crisis.

The document, submitted to the Yemeni government, contained proposed solutions contributing to the alleviation of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen as well as promoting partnership.

It proposed the establishment of the higher council for partnership between the government and the private sector, and set out clear mechanisms for creating the council, delineating its functions and modalities.

The write-up envisaged another alternative to the establishment of the Council: the creation of partnership councils in the stabilized areas to be run by the regional governments.

The paper also reviewed the council’s objectives of bolstering partnership between the government and the private sector at the regions’ level, the tasks of such councils and their modus operandi.

The policy paper was prepared based on similar experiences from countries that experienced the same conditions as those being witnessed by Yemen.

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