Study: Cyberbullying against Yemeni Women Journalists

Study: Cyberbullying against Yemeni Women Journalists

The Media Freedoms Observatory in Yemen confirmed the mounting cyberbullying against women journalists in recent years has forced hundreds of them to stop using social media to express their opinions and adopting women’s and society’s issues.

This came in a study released by the Observatory, on Monday, January 9, 2022, to measure the phenomenon of cyberbullying against Yemeni women journalists.

The study showed 72% of 79 study-targeted women journalists and social media activists have been subjected to some form of cyberbullying repeatedly, confirming: “64% of “no” respondents witnessed cases of cyberbullying the other female colleagues were exposed to.”

According to the study, Facebook topped the list applications in which women journalists were subjected to cyberbullying, with a rate of more than 90%.

90% of the study sample attributed the phenomenon to social and cultural factors, which is “a alarming indicator showing the existence of social acceptance of the escalating attacks against Yemeni women journalists,” according to the study.

The study indicated that the most of the study-targeted women journalists “resort to the blocking, while resorting to the law is the least.”

The study also indicated “the majority of study-targeted women journalists were subjected to cyberbullying by unknown persons, 21% were committed by co-workers, and 5% were by political parties .”

For his part, Mohammed Ismail, CEO of Studies & Economic Media Center, affirmed, “carrying out the study was based on belief in the important role of Yemeni women journalists in contributing to shaping the awareness of Yemeni society and expressing their opinions freely.”

The study recommended the need for serious and responsible work by all concerned parties to reduce the phenomenon of cyberbullying against women journalists in Yemen, and pressure for clear and explicit laws to deal with the phenomenon.

The Media Freedoms Observatory is a platform affiliated with Studies & Economic Media Center, which is concerned with monitoring and documenting cases of violations against freedom of opinion and expression in Yemen.

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