Yemeni Journalists Get Boost from Psychological Support clinic

Yemeni Journalists Get Boost from Psychological Support clinic

CAIRO, Egypt – A recently concluded training program in Cairo have equipped Yemeni psychologists with the skills to provide much-needed mental health support to yemeni journalists working in the war-torn country.

The four-day workshop, organized by the Studies and Economic Media (SEMC) in partnership with the Dutch Embassy in Yemen, targeted specialists who are offering psychological support to dozens of Yemeni journalists.

Positive Results Reported

Dr. Rana Al-Maflahi, a psychological support specialist, highlighted the program’s effectiveness. “A significant 95% of journalists who received support reported feeling positive improvements,” she said.

Dr. Angelia Al-Maamari, Head of the Department of Psychology at Taiz University, and a clinic psychologist, expressed optimism about a growing acceptance of mental health services among journalists. “We’re witnessing a positive shift in the willingness to seek psychological support, especially crucial for those directly impacted by war trauma,” she noted.

Unique Initiative Empowers Yemeni Professionals

Dr. Khaled Nasser, a trainer and expert in psychological support for journalists, emphasized the program’s unique focus. “Usually, I support journalists directly,” he explained. “This workshop empowers Yemeni specialists to deliver targeted care using shared language and methodologies. The participants’ competence was truly impressive.”

The SEMC’s psychological support clinic has already provided over 500 sessions to Yemeni journalists in-person and virtually since its establishment.

Building Capacity for Ongoing Support

“The SEMC is committed to building the capacity of its support team,” said Dr. Jamil Al-Adimi, a clinic psychologist. “This program, providing continuous and organized support, is a unique experience for Yemeni journalists.”

The training covered various aspects of mental health support, including overcoming trauma and managing work stress, directly impacting the well-being of journalists working in challenging environments.

Knowledge Exchange and Confidentiality

Dr. Nasser described the workshop as “an intense exchange of  knowledge and tools crucial for providing effective psychological support.”

Dr. Suad Al-Qudsi highlighted the program’s impact on the SEMC team itself. “Initially offering support to our own media personnel sent a powerful message to journalists, encouraging them to seek help,” she explained.

A secure electronic system with strict data confidentiality protocols ensures the privacy of those seeking support. Cases are encrypted to safeguard information.

Comprehensive Support for Yemeni Media

The psychological support clinic, established, on october 2022, within the SEMC’s Media Freedoms Observatory, offers online applications for journalists seeking help. The Observatory also provides legal and digital support, striving to create a more favorable environment for journalists working in a conflict zone since 2015.