A workshop to discuss Investment Climate and Prospects in Taiz

A workshop to discuss Investment Climate and Prospects in Taiz

The Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC) has organized, today, a workshop in the city of Taiz to analyze and discuss the Investment Climate and Prospects in Taiz and the related obstacles and challenges.

The Workshop was attended by government officials, businessmen, representatives of local and international organizations, experts, and economic academics, aiming to discuss the investment environment and opportunities bulletin in Taiz prepared by the SEMC in cooperation with the Economic Reform Team (ERT).

Following the opening of the workshop, the Executive Manager of the Centre of SEMC, Mohamed Ismail, stressed the importance of the bulletin’s content, which highlights investment opportunities in the short, medium, and long term, thereby strengthening the relationship between the private sector and the local authority of the governorate.

Ismail explained that the outcomes of the workshop will contribute to the development of the bulletin and its final presentation to the government and private sectors and work on it to adopt the proposals and recommendations contained therein and include it in the economic and investment plans of the governorate of Taiz.

Dr. Yahya Abdul Ghaffar, Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences of the University of Taiz, praised the workshop, noting that such bulletins meant much to Taiz governorate especially in the current circumstances. He went on saying that work on analytical publications on the economic aspect is an added value, pushing investors to overcome their concerns and start as possible and available as suggested by the bulletin.

Nabil Gamel, Director-General of the Office of Planning and International Cooperation in Taiz, spoke about the importance of the bulletin and the proposals contained therein, which will enhance investment opportunities in the governorate and will positively reflect the overall situation in terms of employment opportunities, assimilation of young people’s abilities and skills, and provide additional sources of funding to the local authority.

“We support such research efforts and look forward to their practical translation within a framework that embodies active public-private partnerships especially as we approach many important activities and events at the economic level”, Gamel added.

Meanwhile, the economic researcher Yasser Al-Maqtari, who prepared the bulletin, reviewed the preparation mechanism, the content of the bulletin, which focused on the vital sectors of the governorate, and the privileges enjoyed by the governorate of Taiz as a nationwide industrial destination.

“The bulletin, in its current content, contained key keys to investment opportunities that characterized a governorate with a population weight and geographical significance, referring to the agricultural, fisheries and tourism sectors as a triangle that gave the governorate great opportunities for qualitative and innovative investment”, Yasser added.

The bulletin was enriched by several proposals and additions, both at the sector level and associated investment opportunities and the challenges and difficulties faced, and it was recommended the need for a structured mechanism for a genuine public-private partnership and in a way that overcomes the difficulties hindering investors’ work in the governorate.

It is worth noting that the Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC)  is a civil society organization working for a successful and transparent Yemeni economy by promoting awareness of economic and development issues, promoting transparency and good governance, and to creating professional media.