Virtual meeting between civil society organizations, media outlets and journalists

Virtual meeting between civil society organizations, media outlets and journalists

The second virtual meeting between women-led civil society organizations was held with media organizations, journalists on last Monday from Yamaniyat’s Project and the Makanati Network in Support of Women’s Issues in Yemen.

The meeting organized by the Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC) in partnership with the French media development agency (CFI) is part of Yamaniyat project to promote women’s participation in the peacebuilding process in Yemen.

The Executive Director of SEMC, Mohamed Ismail, confirmed that the objective of the meeting was to strengthen the working partnership between civil society organizations, media organizations and journalists, and to present activities related to cover women’s issues and roles in the peacebuilding process in the country.

Ismail added: “This meeting is important because it included a number of civil society organizations working to support women’s voices and advocate for their issues, particularly in relation to peacebuilding, and journalist who work to advocate for and support women’s issues at all levels.”

Also, Ismail noted that the importance of the opportunity as appropriate to talk about the problems faced by institutions working on women’s issues, to highlight the possible coverage of the journalists, and what mechanism will be worked on in the next phase.

On the other hand, Sara Filali, the Project Manager at CFI, welcomed the attendees at this meeting and confirmed its importance both in Yamaniyat project and as part of the strategy of the French media development agency.

Filali added: “The relationship between civil society organizations, media outlets and journalists is complementary and qualifies everyone to do their part to the thoroughly, whether civil society organizations with expertise, field experience, correct information, or the press that improves the recruitment, analysis and provision of information to society in the public interest.”

In addition, representatives of a number of organizations presented the efforts of women’s support and empowerment projects, advocacy for women’s issues, practical frameworks for enhancing their presence in the peacebuilding process and the peace-making industry, and what their organizations provided in this regard.

At the end of the meeting, numerous interventions were made by the journalists, discussing the challenges of accessing information from civil society organizations and the sources of the press story produced by them, and how they can easily be dealt with, and combined that there must be common methods between civil society organizations and media organizations or journalists, through updated communication information, if there is a rapid response by the organizations’ stakeholders or specialists in this mechanism.

The Studies & Economic Media Center is a non-profit civil society organization working for rehabilitation and awareness of economic issues, enhancing transparency and citizen participation in decision-making, creating professional media, empowering youth and women economically and promoting their role in building peace.